Lotto: Lucky Powerball player wins $28.16 million

A lucky Powerball player will be having the weekend to remember after winning $28.16 million with Powerball first division on Saturday.

Tonight's winning numbers are 25, 23, 5, 11, 20 and 2. The bonus ball is 35 and Powerball is 4. 

The winning ticket was sold at Meg Star in Auckland. The prize is made up of $28 million from Powerball first division and $166,667 from Lotto first division.

Five other players will be celebrating after winning $166,667 with first division in tonight's draw. The winning tickets were sold at the following stores:

  • Four Square Kaiwaka
  • Countdown Dunedin
  • Halfway Store in Whakatane
  • MyLotto (x2)

Meanwhile, a lucky Strike player from Auckland will also be celebrating after winning $500,000 with Strike Four. The winning Strike ticket was sold at Rathgar Road Discount Foodmart.

Tonight's winner is the third Kiwi to win big with Powerball in 2022, and comes just over a month after a Wellington player won $8.5 million with Powerball.

Anyone who bought their ticket at any of the above stores should check their ticket as soon as possible in-store, online at or through the Lotto NZ App.  

Players can phone Lotto NZ on 0800 695 6886 if they want to enquire about the best way to claim a prize.