Lotto: Powerball jackpots to $28 million on Saturday

A staggering $28 million Lotto Powerball is up for grabs on Saturday as the money continues to jackpot.

"That's right, Powerball's now a mind-blowing $28 million this Saturday! Get your ticket in-store or online to be in to win BIG!" Lotto says on Facebook.

Last Wednesday's huge $25 million failed to be struck, while strike four also rolled over to $500,000 on Saturday.

First division however was won on Wednesday, with a lucky MyLotto player in Wellington celebrating a $1 million midweek windfall.

If Powerball is struck on Saturday, it will follow an Auckland man taking home $21 million in the first Lotto Powerball win of 2022.

The man says he is excited to be able to set himself up for the future and take care of his mum, as well as share some of the win with his close friends.

"I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't stop thinking about my win, so I ended up doing some online window shopping," he says.

"I have a bit of a wish-list of things to treat myself to now - I'm sure there will be a few things winging their way to me down the track."

Live Lotto draws aren't taking place while New Zealand is in the red COVID traffic light setting. Instead, Lotto is using computer-generated draws.