Businesses feeling the pinch as Kiwi brain drain well underway, more people leaving than coming in

The Kiwi brain drain has well and truly begun with the number of people leaving the country outnumbering the number of people coming in

Infometrics principal economist and director Brad Olsen told AM the numbers aren't good. 

"Over the last 12-months, we've seen over 7300 people more leave the country than have come in, certainly those are the worst numbers we've seen in over a decade."

Olsen said the outflow is significant and businesses are feeling the pinch. 

"Businesses who are looking out there trying to find talent and finding most people that they want to hire seem to be hopping on planes each and every day."

He added there are about 40,000 people who didn't leave Aotearoa over the two years of the pandemic that usually would have. 

"The highest outflow we have seen in a decade could be a real challenge for the New Zealand economy with a real lack of people coming in at a time where we a losing some of our key talent."

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