Lotto: Auckland man looks forward to helping others after $13 million Powerball win

The man wants to spend the money on helping his family and the charities he supports, as well as getting a new car.
The man wants to spend the money on helping his family and the charities he supports, as well as getting a new car. Photo credit: Lotto NZ

Auckland man is looking forward to doing some good after he won a whopping $13 million in Powerball.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, said in a statement he usually plays with his own favourite numbers on MyLotto.

But on Saturday, March 30 he made the lucky decision to make it his ticket a Triple Dip to enter the promotion to win a Range Rover car.

"I've been wanting to buy a new car for a while and so I thought 'why not, I’ll buy the dip'," the man said.

The man was having his breakfast the next morning when he got the shocking news.

"I was enjoying my muesli as I logged on to MyLotto and checked the ticket. I heard the winning noise play and I thought, 'oh great, I might have won a bonus ticket or something'," he said.  

"And then a message popped up saying 'significant winner.'

"I looked, and at first it was just numbers. And then I thought, 'wow, maybe I've won $13,000. And then I saw million!"

The man said he couldn't sleep that night as he was torn between making plans on how to spend his prize and still not being able to believe the win was real.

"But I went online and checked the news, and I saw the winner was from Auckland and the amount was $13 million – it was totally surreal," he said.

With reality still settling in, he already has some clear priorities.

"I'd still like to get a new car. But I’m really looking forward to helping my family. So it’s going to be wonderful to be able to do some good," the man said.

"I'm really looking forward to getting the whole family together to tell them. This will be just like we usually do, only this time I’ll be the one who is shouting."

He also said there are some charities he supports so he is also looking forward to do more for them too.

"I have a real sense of being able to have the sort of future I choose. I’m pretty careful with my money. I don’t splash it around," he said.

The man said he would also like to spend the money on working on his house.

"The house I’m living in I’m working on. And I’ll keep doing that. But now I’ll be able to pay someone to help me as well."

This is the fifth time Powerball has been struck in April, with four lucky winners in Auckland and one in Wellington.