Expert says four-day working week should be new normal after COVID-19 pandemic

  • 09/06/2022

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a shift in what a work day looks like with more Kiwis opting to work from home, one expert says the new normal should be fewer working days.

The four-day working week is being increasingly used in workplaces, with importance placed on productivity rather than clocking in the hours.

The world's biggest trial of the four-day week is underway in the UK where more than 3300 workers and 70 companies are leaving Monday-to-Friday behind for six months.

As the labour market adjusts to new habits following the pandemic, workers will get 100 percent of their pay for 80 percent of their work, as long as productivity remains the same. 

Founder and Director of MANA Communications Caleb Hulme-Moir told Newshub Live at 8pm host Rebecca Wright the trial is "long overdue" and he hopes it will spread down to New Zealand.

"For too long the balance really has been in the companies' favour and this pandemic has shown us we really do need to rebalance things and I think the four-day working week is a really good way to do it," Hulme-Moir said.

His company does a nine-day working fortnight and said it has not only remained productivity level but increased staff satisfaction dramatically.

"It's a hot labour market… We sit in Wellington, we're competing with government salaries, it's really hard to attract and keep talent," Hulme-Moir said. 

He said providing every second Monday off is a really significant benefit companies can give workers and the upside is staff commitment to work will increase.