Flower prices bloom as florists are hit by inflation

You may have noticed the cost of flowers has increased at your local florist but that's because they've become harder and harder to produce. 

Despite not wanting to, florists and growers around the country have been forced to up their prices as inflation hits the industry.

Flowers are beautiful and a great gift but at the moment they are becoming too expensive. 

Wild about Flowers owner Megan Parker said it has taken a huge toll on her.

"It's been pretty huge actually for our industry all round, it's been difficult for growers, it's been difficult for florists so we are all feeling the pinch at the moment. "

The price of wholesale flowers has risen since COVID-19 began, but in recent months they've skyrocketed.

Florists who have been in the game for decades said they've never seen prices so high but they've been left with no choice but to pass that cost on.

"I think everyone has to raise their prices, I mean if fuels gone up and couriers have gone up then of course as the end user we have to raise our prices too," Parker told Newshub.

One of the key problems is the cost of growing the flowers locally.

Angelique Lambermon runs a flower farm in northwest Auckland, they've struggled to produce the same volume they normally would with inflation forcing up the price of essential supplies.

"You know we've got all our fertilizers and things like that which have tripled maybe some of the prices," Lambermon said.

Not only do fertilizers have a part to play but also the labour shortage and freight costs.

Lambermon said raising prices isn't what any grower or florist wants to do as she knows people can't afford it.

"It's very labour intensive, so there's a lot of work that goes into the back end of it that you don't see and often only what you see is the end product."

On average bouquets are costing up to $20 more and that won't change anytime soon. 

Parker said she hopes the prices won't increase.

"Maybe within the industry, this is where they are going to sit and hopefully prices stay roundabout where they are."

So if you receive a lovely bunch in the near future just know you really are someone special.