Australian man returns AU$58m after banking error

  • 27/09/2022
 "What an honest bloke good on him!"
"What an honest bloke good on him!" Photo credit: Supplied

An Australian man woke to a shocking discovery on Monday after he found himself in control of AU$58 million that wasn't his. 

The man's partner Jess Davis, a reporter for the ABC, shared the news on Twitter saying: "My bf (boyfriend) woke up with AU$58 million of someone else's money in his bank account."

Davis said instead of taking the money and running, her boyfriend opted for the honest option and called the bank alerting them to the massive error.

"We could be living on our own island somewhere by now. Sad," she said. 

Davis clarified that the AU$58 million wasn't in "liquid cash", instead "a bunch of accounts worth AU$58 million that he's now got control over".

She said because of that, it was "much harder to steal away with". 

Twitter users have since reacted, applauding Davis' boyfriend for his honesty.

"It's beautiful that he has a good heart and chooses to share it with. Money might make life easier but it doesn't make you happier."

"What an honest bloke good on him!" said one. 

"Good he has honesty & integrity."

One replied to Davis' tweet saying "he's either the best bf or the worst bf". 

Another Twitter user suggested Davis and her boyfriend deserve a "cool million for his honesty here".