Partnership interests available in highly profitable export cherry market

Partnership interests available in highly profitable export cherry market with Deep Creek Fruits NZ LP.
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Deep Creek Fruits NZ LP is offering wholesale investors the chance to purchase partnership interests in the next phase of its cherry orchard and packhouse development, which spans more than 160 hectares in Central Otago.

It is the third capital raise campaign conducted by the New Zealand orchard developer since it was established in 2020. The first capital raise was undertaken that year, followed by a second campaign in 2021 to fund a packhouse and expansion at its Lindis Peaks and Mt Pisa orchards.

Deep Creek Fruits NZ LP chairman Michael Ambrose said capital raised from the new campaign will be invested in the working capital requirements of its orchards and a high-tech packhouse which is being developed in partnership with another orchard owner.

"This is one of the largest cherry orchard developments in New Zealand and it will also be a major New Zealand cherry exporter," he said.

"The orchards will, at maturity in 2025-2026, be one of the largest under single ownership in New Zealand. This gives Deep Creek the benefit of economies of scale and access to additional markets due to the volume and quality of fruit it is expected to be able to export."

Delicious New Zealand cherries.
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Central to its packing and marketing operations is the Lindis Coolpac LP packhouse currently under construction by Tuatara Structures. Landlord Mackersey Properties is overseeing construction of the leading-edge packhouse, which will be fully operational for the 2022 summer harvest.

With a footprint of more than 4500 square metres, the packhouse will be outfitted with the latest technology, equipment, traceability and export compliance systems to process and pack cherries grown at both orchards. 

Packhouse infrastructure will incorporate an 8 lane Compac cherry processing machine and require approximately workers during peak periods. Facilities will include cold rooms, an office block and large staff facility area. The 8.4-hectare site also includes space for purpose-built seasonal worker accommodation.

Director Sharon Kirk said the offer was a chance for investors to take advantage of the highly profitable global export market. 

"New Zealand cannot satiate the international demand for premium quality cherries without greatly increasing production," she said.

"The additional volume Deep Creek Fruits will be adding to the international market is minimal. However, free trade agreements negotiated with markets in Asia have opened new markets to New Zealand over the past decade or more."

Deep Creek Fruits' premium quality cherries are harvested and exported from December to February and target the growing global seasonal and Chinese New Year market. 

"Marketing company Southern Fruits International LP has been established to take these cherries to market under the luxury Beyond brand which will be launched this coming summer," Kirk said.

"Multiple proven varieties - all with distinct points of difference - are grown to result in a continuous season of high-quality, sought-after cherries from Central Otago. These varieties have been selected for their characteristics and timing to extend the harvest period and labour force and ensure customer supply over a longer period."

Offer at a glance:

  • $1.10 per partnership interest
  • Minimum investment: $110,000
  • Ideal investor: $250,000
  • Applications close: September 22, 2022.

The offer is restricted to wholesale investors under clause 3 of schedule 1 to the Financial Markets Contact Act 2013. Investors have until September 22 to apply.

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