Santa is the latest victim in the labour shortage crisis

The labour shortages across New Zealand are taking their toll on even the most specialised jobs in the country.

The latest news from the North Pole is suggesting families are in danger of missing out on meeting the man in the big red suit this festive season.

Santa has become the latest victim in the labour shortage crisis, with hundreds of vacant positions needing to be filled.

Santa helper Dave Doherty said they are on the hunt for patient, empathetic Kiwis with excellent knowledge of the newest toys.

The job bonuses include not having to worry about putting on weight in the holiday season, flexible hours, casual rates, free milk and cookies, and immense job satisfaction.

"It's the best job in the world," Doherty said. "I would never have thought that you could get so much satisfaction out of making people smile." 

The only downside to the job is it can get a bit stuffy in the 10kg Santa suit, but that didn't deter Doherty who has been suiting up for eight years.

"I would do it every day if I could," he said.

Doherty only wished he sounded out about the job sooner.

A dedicated Santa school has launched this year to ensure everyone is equipped with the skills they need to make it a magical Christmas. 

How Kiwis can apply for Santa:

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