Lotto: Numbers for massive $19.7m draw revealed

The numbers for Lotto's massive $19.7 million draw have been revealed as eager Kiwis race to check their tickets.

Saturday night's winning numbers are 12, 23, 4, 26, 27 and 6. The Bonus Ball is 19 and Powerball 9.

High demand has seen MyLotto's online service institute a virtual queue to manage the number of people trying to log in.

Last month, a Wellington couple took home $16 million with Powerball First Division.

"I kept nudging my husband every half hour or so to see if he was asleep, my mind was racing with all the amazing things we'd be able to do, and I needed to talk!" the woman told Lotto NZ.

"He was a bit calmer than me, but only because he wasn't sure it was actually real."

The man said it wasn't until they saw in the news the jackpot had been won in Wellington that it dawned on them that it was real. 

The couple plan to pay off their mortgage, do some renovations, help out their family and donate to charities close to their hearts, they said. But first on the list is a family holiday.

"This win is life-changing. It gives us the freedom to do those things we maybe couldn't before. We love travelling, it's an experience that's important to us, so that's definitely on the agenda - starting with a family holiday," the woman said.