New Zealanders to cut back Christmas spending as cost of living crisis bites

The high prices of power, rent, petrol and groceries have forced many Kiwis to cut back their spending this Christmas.

"My family has just decided not to buy everyone presents, and just do a secret Santa," one person said.

Another person told Newshub: "I can't even afford to go shopping."

"I'm not planning to buy the big Christmas dinner this year," a third said.

With the financial crunch on consumers, accounting software company MYOB polled 1000 New Zealanders about their holiday spending plans.

"Inflation really is the Grinch that's changing Kiwi Christmases quite markedly this year," MYOB manager Anna-Louise Hoffmann said.

To save money this Christmas, one in three New Zealanders planned to spend less on Christmas presents in 2022, one in five planned to shop early to get better prices and avoid stock shortages and four out of five said the cost of living crisis has disrupted their Christmas spending plans.

Hoffman said many people have already started their Christmas shopping.

"To mitigate potential challenges like shipping delays and missing out on the toys they want for their kids this Christmas."

The National Road Carriers CEO Justin Tighe-Umbers said truck drivers are pulling double shifts to try and get the shelves stocked by December.

"There may be some shortages here or there, and that may be down to the maritime supply chains as well." 

With so many factors mounting against Christmas many Kiwis could be forced to take the Grinch's big epiphany of "maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store" to heart.