Australia mining company Mineral Resources needs Kiwi tradies and will pay up to 300k for some roles

A Perth mining company desperate for workers is targeting Kiwi tradies with an advertising campaign, guaranteeing "a great pay packet".   

"We're offering plenty," said Mineral Resources CEO Mike Grey, appearing on AM this morning.

"The incentives are amazing, and I have no doubt that our salaries double [New Zealand salaries], in some examples they triple," the salaries Kiwi tradies would be earning back home. 

Mineral Resources is looking for workers across a wide range of trade and operator roles including construction, mining, operations, unskilled labour and administration. 

They are also recruiting more professional roles such as mining engineers. 

Grey wouldn't be drawn into comparing the work abilities of Western Australians and Kiwis, settling on calling them equal - "I pitch them at absolutely level ground".

"The experience of our tradespeople is similar," said Grey, meaning that workers transfer across the Tasman with ease. 

Grey referenced his own start as a machinist in New Zealand alongside Mineral Resource's founder Chris Ellison, who got his start in Dunedin. 

One of the highest paying roles they are recruiting for is construction supervisors and superintendents who can earn up to $300,000 a year. 

"Absolutely they are earning that," said Grey.

The work is done at mines located away from densely populated areas meaning it's "fly in, fly out". 

Workers can fly in and out of New Zealand, spending their time off back home in Aotearoa. 

"Effectively most of the workforce is working half the year," said Grey. 

Mineral Resources' recruitment drive is occurring alongside other Australian recruitment drives for sectors including nursing. 

New Zealand is forecast to have a shortfall of 120,000 construction workers by 2025.

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