Christchurch's BargainME supermarket inundated by shoppers as Christmas creeps around the corner

A bargain supermarket in Christchurch is seeing huge demand from shoppers as people struggle to make ends meet to buy food for Christmas.

BargainMe in Christchurch has seen the increase in customers because the items it sells are significantly cheaper than normal New Zealand retailers.

The bargain supermarket is a food outlet store in Linwood that sells short-dated and end-of-line products at reduced prices.

BargainMe owner Shawn Thomas said consumers are shopping there to save money as Christmas creeps around the corner.

"Many of our customers say they're really struggling to make ends meet this Christmas and simply cannot afford to do their Christmas shopping at a mainstream supermarket," Thomas said in a statement.

He also said the jump in food prices over the past year has pushed customers towards independent food retailers like BargainMe.

In November, Statistics NZ's annual food price index rose 10.7 percent compared with November 2021.

"There is a vast difference in food prices in New Zealand's mainstream supermarkets when compared with last Christmas. Some shoppers say a trolley is costing them double," Thomas said.

The independent food retailer said the following items are significantly cheaper at BargainMe compared to a mainstream supermarket.

  • Regal manuka sliced salmon - $34.99 (500g)
  • Crumbed prawn cutlets - $20.99 (2kg)

It also said in a statement the following items are also being sold for far less.

  • Garlic bread - five packets for $4
  • Jamie Oliver lasagne sheets - $2 each
  • Kransky cheese sausages - $9.99 for 1kg

"We're really pleased to be helping New Zealanders put more on the table for less money this Christmas," Thomas said.

Thomas also encouraged more Kiwis to shop at independent stores over Christmas as buying local "keeps the money in your community".

BargainMe is open from 9:00am to 6:00pm on weekdays and 10:00am to 6:00pm on weekends.