Auckland Lotto player in shock after mistakenly reading win as $4000 instead of $4.3 million

An Auckland Lotto player is in disbelief after mistakenly reading she had won $4000 instead of $4.3 million.

On Wednesday, Lotto said in a statement the woman bought her Powerball ticket online before Saturday's draw and she never thought in her "wildest dreams" she would win.

The woman told Lotto she checked her ticket online on Sunday but didn't believe she had won the Powerball First Division prize.

"I logged in, checked my ticket, and noticed all the numbers lined up. But to be honest, I thought it said $4,000 not 4 million."

The woman said she didn't have time to check over how much she had won because she had family staying and they had decided to go to the park for the day.

"We headed out once everyone was up. While we were at the park, I asked my niece to double-check my ticket," the woman added.

The woman's niece informed her aunty she had won far more than $4000.

"I couldn't believe it was actually four million!" the woman added.

She even asked her niece "Are you sure?" when she told her how much she had won.

She told Lotto the win came at a "fantastic time" for her as she was retiring soon.

"The last few years have been pretty hairy, so the win gives me more financial certainty. 

"I will definitely be sharing it with my family and also donating to charity," she said.