Lotto: One forgotten ticket leads to big win for lucky Canterbury couple

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A forgotten Lotto ticket has changed the lives of a lucky South Island couple overnight. 

The pair, from Rangiora, had their ticket hiding in plain sight on their fridge for almost two months before they finally decided to check it.

The couple remained completely unaware of their fortune, and it wasn't until a trip to the supermarket that they had the tearful discovery.

The two winners had a big surprise after discovering the forgotten ticket had scored them $333,333 in Lotto First Division.

The couple, who wish to remain anonymous, bought the winning First Division ticket on December 17 at Countdown Rangiora East.

"I put it on the fridge like I normally do," the man said. 

He said they usually check tickets pretty quickly, but have been so busy lately that they haven't had the chance.

"I was going to get some things at the market, and I thought I'd check my ticket while I was there," the man said.

"When it came up as ‘First Division Winner,' I was shaking like a leaf; I didn't think it was right. So, I swiped it again, and it said the same. I thought, 'Third time lucky', and asked the operator to confirm."

He said when the ticket was put through, "the lady's eyes were the size of two full moons", and she asked him to go around the back with her.

"Once we were out the back, she handed me the piece of paper to confirm my win, and I just burst into tears," he said.

After rushing home to inform his partner of the big win, the couple had a sleepless night dreaming about the lucky win and treated themselves to breakfast the following morning.

The couple said they have big plans for their winnings, but they will continue as if nothing happened - "we went all that time without knowing after all." 

Two Lotto players from Waiuku and Hawke's Bay also each won $333,333 for the draw on Saturday, December 17, 2022.