Hamilton couple finally claims $10.5m Lotto prize nine days after winning it

Hamilton couple finally claims $10.5m Lotto prize nine days after winning it

One lucky couple has finally claimed their multi-million dollar prize nine days after winning it.

In a statement on Friday, Lotto said a couple from Hamilton has claimed the $10.5 million prize drawn on Wednesday, February 22.

The woman told Lotto she didn't think to check her ticket until Tuesday night.

"Sometimes it takes me weeks to check my tickets - so one week was actually quite quick for me," she said.

Lotto said the woman logged into MyLotto and it said she had won a major prize but she didn't believe it and when she showed her partner they didn't believe it either.

"It never crossed our minds that this could happen to us," the woman said.

"I closed the app and opened it again – but the message was still there! We weren't jumping up and down. We were just in total shock."

Lotto said the Hamilton couple didn't sleep the night they found out and called Lotto NZ the next day to confirm if they had won.

The woman said the couple found it hard to comprehend their new fortune.

"It was strange going to work and acting like everything was normal," she said.

"We haven't quite grasped the enormity of it yet."

She told Lotto the couple planned to use their winnings to pay off their mortgage, look after their parents and help out several charities.

"We're not flashy people. Mainly we want to give back to those who have helped us over the years."