Northern Territory advertises in New Zealand newspaper for Kiwi police officers

If brain drain wasn't already in full force, it might've taken another step forward after an Australian state police force advertised jobs in a New Zealand newspaper for officers to earn more than A$136,000 (NZ$147,114) including rent-free housing.

Northern Territory Police Force placed an advertisement in the NZ Herald newspaper on Wednesday in an attempt to recruit Kiwi police officers. 

"The Northern Territory Police Force offers an accelerated recruitment pathway for experienced police officers. Upon completion of training, graduates will be posted to varying locations throughout the Northern Territory," the advertisement said. 

"As an experienced police officer, the Northern Territory will recognise your previous years of service with attractive remuneration. We are seeking applicants who understand the policing role, but who are enthusiastic about facing the unique challenges that the Northern Territory offers due to its vastness and diversity. You will be required to serve a minimum of 12 months in a frontline General Duties position before being eligible to apply for specialist positions." 

The advertisement states your base and fixed allowances would be A$93,000-A$108,000 (NZ$100,600-NZ$116,825) with seven weeks minimum annual leave provided.

It states you can get rent-free housing or A$28,544 (NZ$30,876) and up to A$5000 (NZ$5408) for relocation assistance.

On top of that, it says you can earn additional income by doing night shifts, overtime and general police and travel allowance. 

Northern Territory advertises in New Zealand newspaper  for Kiwi police officers
Photo credit: Newshub

This enticing package is significantly more than officers would receive in New Zealand.

According to the New Zealand Police website, an officer in training would receive $56,219 rising to $81,710 in their first year. An officer working in their fifth year, would receive $93,268. 

The Northern Territory police isn't the only police force trying to recruit overseas officers to Australia. 

Police and Defence Industry Minister Paul Papalia launched a campaign last month that will aim to put UK workers into close to 31,000 roles in Western Australia.

Roles will be in teaching, healthcare and policing, which urgently need workers.  

The campaign will offer those interested better wages, a lower cost of living and multiple housing choices, in a bid to make the Australian lifestyle as attractive as possible.

This latest advertisement could continue New Zealand's brain drain. 

Throughout 2021 and into 2022 Aotearoa was facing a net brain drain as New Zealanders flocked overseas and the number of people coming into the country struggled to recover after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

But estimates released by Statistics NZ show the brain drain is turning into brain gain, with 5700 more people arriving in the country than leaving in the year to November 2022. 

The estimates show 98,000 migrants arrived in the country in the time period compared with 92,300 who left. 

The arrival figures represent a 77 percent increase while the departures jumped 36 percent.