Tauranga couple 'ecstatic' after winning $1 million, plan to pay off their mortgage and travel

  • 14/04/2023

A Tauranga couple has revealed they found out they won $1 million while at the top of a mountain on holiday.

The couple, who wanted to remain anonymous, said they were enjoying the view from the top of the mountain when they got the life-changing call.

"We're on holiday at the moment and can't get reception anywhere else," the man said,

"It's awesome. We're in shock," they said.

"I saw an email yesterday saying I'd won a major prize, but I wasn't sure until I checked my ticket on the MyLotto App," the man added.

The man said he couldn't believe his eyes as he watched his numbers line up. "It was a surreal moment. We were physically shaking."

"You were! I was wondering whether I'd still have to go back to work on Monday or not!" the woman said.

The couple plan to use their winnings to pay off their mortgage and travel overseas.

"We're ecstatic. Dreams do come true," the man said.

It comes after a Tauranga woman won $1 million in late March. The woman was speechless to find out she won.

"I checked my ticket on MyLotto, and as all my numbers started lining up, my heart started beating crazy fast," the woman said.

"I was as white as a ghost and holding my chest as I video-called a friend to share the news. She asked what was wrong, and I whispered, 'I think I've won Lotto.' She just screamed, 'What!'"

She plans to pay off her mortgage and help her family with the win.