Lotto: Numbers for giant $18 million draw revealed

The Lotto Powerball numbers have been revealed with $18 million up for grabs on Saturday night. 

The $18 million is made up of $1 million in first division and a giant $17 million Powerball prize. Strike has reached $200,000 tonight as well. 

Saturday night's Lotto numbers are 2, 23, 10, 15, 24 and 40. The bonus ball is 27 and the Powerball is 1.

It comes after two lucky winners took home $500,000 each on Wednesday after splitting first division. The winning tickets were sold at Four Square Picton and on MyLotto to a player from Otago.

And just last weekend, an "occasional" Porirua Lotto player experienced a "surreal feeling" when he won $1 million in the first division draw. 

He put on a movie and forgot about the draw - but when it finished, he checked the results on his phone.

"Watching the number roll down and match the ones on my ticket one by one," said the man, who didn't want to be identified.

"By the time I had four numbers, I started laughing, and when all six matched, I thought, 'hang on, there's something wrong with my phone.'" 

The man said he stared at his phone for 20 minutes in disbelief when a pop-up read 'You've won $1,000,000!'.