Lotto: What happens if you win the $33 million Powerball and what could you buy?

Lotto's Powerball has ballooned out to a "life-changing" $33 million and while the odds of winning is low, if you do have the lucky ticket, the options are endless with what you could spend the money on. 

Powerball was not struck on Saturday night, meaning the jackpot for Wednesday's draw will be $33 million.

That's a lot, but if you want rid of it quickly, it's over $1 million for every day of one month or $2.75m for every month of a year. 

So what happens if you have the lucky ticket? Lotto NZ head of corporate communications Lucy Fullarton told Newshub its 'winners experience' team will get in touch as soon as the lucky ticket has been claimed. 

"We meet with them - in person if possible - to talk through their win and the important things they need to think about in those first few days," Fullarton said. 

This includes who the lucky Kiwi might tell, and Fullarton stresses the importance of planning for the future. 

"One of the first things we do is put our big winners in touch with a private banker at their bank, who can help them manage the money in the immediate term while they figure out what their long-term goals are," she said. 

The lucky winner will also receive a copy of Lotto's Winners' Book, which contains important information about their win, including advice from previous winners. 

"As part of our programme, we follow up with our big winners regularly post-win to catch up and see whether they need additional support," Fullarton told Newshub. 

For whoever is lucky enough to have the winning ticket, Fullarton said it's "life-changing" and Lotto will make sure they have all the support they need. 

"For many winners, the conversations with our team are the only chance they have to talk through and process what has just happened with people who have no personal interest in the prize," she told Newshub. 

"It's a real privilege for us and a definite highlight of the job." 

So what could you do with $33 million

If you beat the odds and have the lucky ticket that claims the $33m Powerball on Wednesday, your life will change forever. But what could you actually spend that money on?

Auckland is known for having expensive properties, but even with the current slow property market, $33m will get you the pick of any. The most expensive house to sell in 2022 was one in Orakei on Paritai Dr for $20m. 

Or if you aren't after just one house, you could buy 42 houses (based on the country's median house price) and become a full-time landlord.

Another option could be to leave everything behind, escape all your responsibilities and live on a cruise ship.

That's exactly what you could do with Life at Sea Cruises, which recently unveiled a three-year, 210,000km cruise for $48,000 per person per year. With those figures, the $30m could buy you 687 years on a cruise ship.

If you're someone who likes travelling, you could ditch the normal commercial option and buy your own private jet to swan around the world. 

With $33m, you could reportedly buy a long-range jet for between $20m-$30m that could fit around 17 passengers.

But if you wanted to go completely off the grid, you could buy your own private island. 

In 2021, the stunning island and luxury home on Motukawaiti, also known as Step Island, was listed with a $22 million price tag.