Lotto: $17 million Powerball numbers drawn, are you a winner?

Here are the lucky numbers.
Here are the lucky numbers. Photo credit: Image - Getty Images

The Lotto numbers have been revealed in Wednesday night's draw, with a massive $17 million to be won with Powerball. 

Powerball was not struck at Saturday night's draw, where it rolled over from a $15 million Powerball prize to Wednesday night's $17 million. 

The lucky Lotto numbers are 25, 23, 17, 19, 27 and 37 . The bonus ball is 13 and the Powerball is 8.

Wednesday night's draw comes after a Lottery expert revealed the Lotto numbers players should avoid at "all costs".

General manager at EmuCasino Mike Greenberg, who has analysed Lotto's Powerball data from 2023, said the most "unlucky" number to pick for entry appears to be 36.

"With only 136 occurrences, the number 36 has not been drawn since April 29 2023," Greenberg said.

But some numbers could increase your chances of winning. 

Greenberg said if Kiwis want to increase their odds, the most overdue number for Lotto is 26, last drawn on March 11, as well as 1, 29, 27 and 35. 

He said while lottery is a game of chance, Greenberg's analysis could "potentially improve your chance of winning".