Lotto numbers revealed for mega $15 million draw

The Lotto numbers have been revealed in Saturday night's draw, with a massive $15 million to be won with Powerball.

Lotto players have the chance to win the massive $15 million Powerball prize, plus $1 million in first division. Strike has hit $400,000 as well.

The Lotto numbers are 22, 3, 25, 24, 4 and 12. The bonus ball is 10 and the Powerball is 9.

Powerball has been quickly rising since the last big win in June when a couple took home a massive $33.5 million - the country's third-biggest Lotto win.

The couple, whose identity will remain secret, claimed their winnings more than a week after the draw.

The woman said she and her partner were "overwhelmed by the magnitude of the win" and needed some time to process it before coming forward.

The couple said they kept their $33.5 million yellow ticket hidden in a sock drawer, which was "nerve-wracking" knowing the amount of money that was sitting there.

"I kept thinking, 'Goodness, I better make sure the iron is turned off' every time I went out!" said the woman.

Now they've claimed their prize, the couple is looking forward to their future.

"This will help us set up our family for generations to come. It is also enough for us to help community causes we care about over the long term and make a lasting difference - and that is what we are focused on," the man said.