Couple win $1 million after finding month old Lotto ticket in glovebox

Here's what unfolded.
Here's what unfolded. Photo credit: Supplied: Lotto

A vehicle glovebox is usually filled with many things but for one North Island couple, they weren't expecting it to hold a month-old Lotto ticket worth $1 million. 

The couple, who did not want to be identified, bought their ticket in Dunedin while travelling around the South Island. 

Lotto says the couple were in tears after they found out they'd won a massive $1 million in Lotto's First Division - a month after the draw. 

The couple said they had been busy over the past month and didn't have the chance to check their ticket.

"We were on our way to the supermarket to buy some snacks, and I found the ticket in my glovebox, so I asked my wife to check it on the MyLotto App, and she said it was a Major Prize Winner!" the man said.

The man told his wife and niece to check the ticket in-store and pick up some chips and drinks while they were at it. What happened next he could not believe. 

"They both came running out of the store with tears streaming down. I thought, 'What's happened?'," he said.

"They said we'd won one million dollars - I thought it was a joke!"

He "tried to keep calm" as he followed his family back into the store to fill out the prize claim form - his family though struggled to keep their emotions in.

"My niece was still crying, and I told the store manager to kick them out."

The couple have since claimed their prize and now are figuring out a plan for their future. 

"This is massive for us. We never win anything! This will really help and be a big relief for us," the man said.

They haven't had a chance to celebrate yet, but said something nice with the family is definitely on the cards.

The winning Lotto First Division ticket was sold at South Dunedin Night n Day in Dunedin for the draw on Saturday, 22 July 2023.