Lotto expects 1.2 million tickets to be bought for Wednesday's gigantic $37m Powerball draw - what are your chances?

Lotto is expecting about 1.2 million tickets to be sold for Wednesday night's massive $37 million Powerball draw and Kiwis are being urged to get in early.

It's been two months since Powerball was last won - which was $33.5 million - with the jackpot steadily increasing since then.

If you're wondering what $37 million can get you, someone could buy just over 3 million bottles of Lindauer, almost two million blocks of 1kg tasty cheese and nearly 19 and a half million avocados. 

Lotto expects 1.2 million tickets to be bought for Wednesday's gigantic $37m Powerball draw - what are your chances?

Lotto New Zealand’s head of communications Lucy Fullarton told AM ticket sales are tracking well for Wednesday night's draw.

She told co-host Ryan Bridge Lotto is expecting 1.2 million tickets to be sold by the time of the draw on Wednesday night - up from 1.18 million for last Saturday's draw. 

Fullarton said the ticket sales are about the same as the last time Powerball was won back in June and "comparable" to previous big jackpots. 

When asked what a person's chance of winning Powerball was with one ticket, not surprisingly,  she said the odds aren't great. 

"So per [a] line on your ticket, it's one in 38 million. So let's say you have a ticket with 10 lines, it's one in 3.8 million."

A lot of Kiwis choose their own numbers for their Lotto tickets but Fullerton said this doesn't change people's odds of winning, so they will need to cross their fingers and hope.  

"It's exactly the same, so how you buy your ticket, where you buy your ticket, whether you're wearing your lucky socks or not the odds are exactly the same, it's always one in 38 million per line," she said.   

An AM viewer asked Fullarton why there is such a big difference between Powerball, which is $37 million, and the next division Strike - which is a must-be-won draw of $1 million on Wednesday night. 

"Different lotteries do it different ways around the world but what we find is there's a huge chunk of New Zealanders who only come in when the jackpot is at a certain point and they're really buying the ticket for that big prize," she said.

"So that's kind of where the focus is. A lot of people don't come into the game until it hits $20 million and that's the prize they're focussed on. So if you did boost up those lower divisions, you'd obviously take it from the top divisions, so there are lots of ways you can cut it." 

Two months ago, a lucky Ōtautahi/Christchurch couple banked a $33.5m win after they kept their winning ticket in a sock drawer for over a week.

The winner said at the time she "better make sure the iron is turned off" whenever she left the house.

It was Aotearoa New Zealand's third-biggest Powerball win ever.

Watch the full interview with Lucy Fullarton in the video above.