Cyclone-struck Hawke's Bay town of Wairoa gets good news after $10m Lotto ticket sold at local store

The cyclone-hit Hawke's Bay town of Wairoa has received a lucky lift on Sunday with news the winning $10.3 million Lotto ticket was sold at a local supermarket.

Mayor Craig Little was rapt for the region - even if it did come at his own misfortune.

Few New Zealand towns have done it as tough as Wairoa this year. It was cut off for weeks following Cyclone Gabrielle with houses flooded, roads smashed and communications down.

No one would deny Wairoa is well overdue a bit of luck. And last night it arrived - big time.

A $10 million winning Lotto ticket was sold at the recently opened New World supermarket.

The prizewinner is yet to be identified. But with many still without homes following Cyclone Gabrielle, hopes are high the money has found its way into a local's pocket.

"Fifty percent of those homes were uninsured so we've got a long way to go and it would be really nice if someone had a bit of a win down there because they've been really knocked back," said Wairoa Mayor Craig Little.

And the mayor has some advice for the town's newest millionaires.

"Take a breath, probably don't tell too many people, get a bit of legal advice and maybe get yourself a few little treats that you've probably missed out," Little said.

"A lot of people have missed out on something in Wairoa in the last wee while."

But while he's rapt for the winner, he's kicking himself at the same time.

"It's a bit of a sad one because I was in Wellington on Friday and I thought I'd do something different. I'll get a ticket in Wellington. Who knows?" he said.

We now know that in this case one person's misery is another person's fortune.