Kiwis reveal surprising cheap meat hacks helping them through tough times

People are recommending the switch to buying from a butcher rather than a supermarket.
People are recommending the switch to buying from a butcher rather than a supermarket. Photo credit: Getty Images

People in New Zealand have shared their surprising money-saving hacks when it comes to eating meat. 

It comes after one woman took to social media to share her "eye-wateringly" expensive grocery shop at Pak'nSave after buying her weekly basics. 

Several people have taken to Reddit to share how they save money when it comes to buying meat - one of the most expensive grocery items, amidst what has been described as a "cost of living crisis". 

One person said they go to their local egg farm to buy frozen "retired" chickens. 

"The meat isn't really plentiful nor tender for obvious reasons but the frame is perfectly suited for stews and soups," they said. "Our local sells them for $8, which is pretty decent for a whole chicken." 

Another person revealed they use whole chickens to make their own stock, which they use in meals throughout the week. 

"Just slow cook it for 8 hours and it's flavourful as," they said. 

Another suggested buying big cuts of meat and portioning it yourself to save money. 

"Buy a whole tenderloin or whole sirloin and portion into steaks, vacuum seal and freeze." 

They said it helps them to cut a "properly thick" steak rather than buying the "razor thin" ones at the supermarket. 

"I've just started doing this myself too and I feel quite satisfied," one woman responded. 

One person recommended switching to buying from a butcher rather than a supermarket, for those looking to cut down on costs. 

"Our local Aussie Butcher does some really nice flavoured whole or half chickens that are cheap," one person said. 

"Butcher meat just tastes better than supermarket for some reason."