Consumer NZ test reveals whether cooking at home really is cheaper than getting takeaways

Consumer NZ has answered the question most of us have pondered while looking at our grocery store receipts - is cooking at home really cheaper than getting takeaways? 

Over six weeks Consumer New Zealand looked at popular takeaways and worked out how much it would cost to cook`fake-aways' at home instead.   

Consumer NZ senior investigative writer Chris Schulz wanted to find out how expensive it would be to cook up everyday meals and dinners families like to have on a Friday night.  

"Burgers, pad thai, butter chicken, how much would it cost to go and get those ingredients from the supermarket if you were starting from scratch and cook a meal for four people." 

Schulz discovered across the board it is cheaper to cook at home instead of eating out.  

"I think people know that... you need to shop around to get the cheapest ingredient, especially for the big-ticket items, your meat, your cheese and that kinda thing. If you're doing that you can definitely save money cooking them at home," Shulz said. 

But there is one exception. Domino's Pizza, he told AM sell pizza "so cheap" it would be almost impossible to do it cheaper at home.

"I don't know how they do it. The day I did my survey they were celebrating World Peperoni Day, which is a thing apparently, and you can get a large pepperoni pizza for $4. You can't do that home." 

Shulza said competition is the talking point though, it would be cheaper to cook at home in Auckland compared to other regions because the super city has a competitive supermarket space.  

Watch the interview above for more.