Unclaimed $24m Lotto ticket sold at Lower Hutt supermarket sparks locals' imaginations

Someone who bought a Lotto ticket in Lower Hutt has woken up a multi-millionaire.

The $24 million ticket was sold at Wainuiomata's Woolworths, sparking the imagination of locals about what they'd do with the winnings.

A quiet Sunday in Wainuiomata for most people, but for someone here, it might just be the best day of their lives - waking up $24m richer.

"That's pretty cool alright," one man told Newshub.

The winning ticket was sold at Wainuiomata's Woolworths, with one man describing the news as "pretty exciting".

Everyone Newshub spoke with said they weren't the lucky ones.

"No it wasn't me," one woman said, with another adding "Oh my god no, but I want to know who won it, been asking everyone and no one is telling me."

They're not telling anyone it seems, or perhaps they still don't know, with Lotto New Zealand revealing the lucky ticket hasn't been claimed.

It's the third-biggest prize of 2023. In June a Christchurch couple won $33m from Merivale's New World and in August, a woman in Paraparaumu won a whopping $37m after buying a last-minute ticket while getting a chocolate bar from the supermarket.

Just what could you do in Lower Hutt with $24 million? Well, you could buy a house with a price tag of $3.7 million six-and-a-half times over. 

Newshub asked the locals what they would do if they were to win the outstanding sum.

"I'd make a street, like those new communities they're making, I'll make one for my family," one girl said.

One woman said she'd buy a brand new car if she won the money.

With the money, you could get about 40 Ferraris - or, do whatever floats your boat. 

"I'd go on a trip overseas for a starter, I'd go on a cruise," one man said. 

"Buy a house, buy a car, probably put some in the bank," another man listed.

"It's a lot of money, scary amount actually."

A scary amount of money, that someone here might've just won.