New Zealand leg of lamb selling for equivalent of 20 cents in London

  • 15/12/2023
The shopper got an absolute steal.
The shopper got an absolute steal. Photo credit: Sainsbury

Kiwis are shocked after a social media photo revealed the extremely cheap price a New Zealand leg of lamb is selling for in the UK.

A shopper put their Sainsbury receipt on social media showing they got an absolute steal. The lamb was reduced to 10 pence which is the equivalent of 20 cents in New Zealand, however, after using a loyalty card the customer only had to pay 5 pence.

"Now that’s a Xmas saving on NZ lamb! Cheers!" The photo was captioned.

It has drawn a lot of attention from New Zealanders jealous of the cheap deal.

"Wtf that be hundreds here hahah," one person commented.

"Much cheaper in the UK than here in Wellington!" Another said.

"Crazy when the [lambs] are here," another person replied.

A leg of lamb at Countdown will set you back $8.90 per kg, or $24 each, while, at New World, they are listed for $9.99 per kg.

The cost of living crisis has been hitting Kiwis hard over the past couple of years.

On Thursday, it was revealed New Zealand's economy had shrunk 0.3 percent in the third quarter of 2023, according to Statistics NZ.

However, inflation seems to be slowly easing in New Zealand, with the latest data from Stats NZ showing inflation had dropped to its lowest levels since December 2021 at 5.6 percent.