Employers, workers square off over working from home

The Employers and Manufacturers Association says it is seeing disagreements crop up between employers and employees regarding working from home agreements.

Some workers at One NZ are calling for the telco to back down on changes to its work from home policy.

The company is proposing that some call centre workers come into the office three times a week - one day additional to their current arrangement.

In response, some union workers are working solely from home over the next 11 days.

Employers and Manufacturers Association general counsel Paul O'Neil said they were seeing employees who may have been working one or two days a week from home and it working well for them; equally, however, there were employers who found the settings were no longer working for their businesses.

The association was advising businesses they could avoid disputes over working from home by being upfront about expectations at the time of hiring, O'Neil said.

Public sector organisations were more likely to be flexible around working from home arrangements, he said.