Lotto: Auckland couple to spend $12.2m Lotto winnings on 'mundane stuff' and things that 'really matter'

An Auckland couple who had a bumper start to the year when they won $12.2 million with Lotto Powerball are looking forward to spending their winnings on "mundane stuff" and things that "really matter".  

The couple, who wish to remain anonymous, are regular Lotto players and bought a ticket for the final draw of 2023 that took place on December 30.  

"I was too busy doing things around the house, and it wasn't until late that evening that I had time to check my ticket," the woman said. 

When the woman logged into her MyLotto account, she saw a message saying 'Major Prize Winner' but she didn't realise the extent of her winnings until she checked her ticket.  

"When I saw all my numbers line up, I realised I'd won $12 million!" the woman said. 

The woman immediately told her husband, who was just as shocked.  

"He didn't believe me until he'd examined the ticket and checked it against the winning numbers," the woman said.  

After claiming their massive prize online, the woman said the couple had spent the new year "processing this major change to our lives".  

"It wasn't until we got the call from Lotto NZ that the reality started to sink in," the woman said.  

"We're still thinking about what we'd like to do with the money, but we're pretty sensible people."  

The top of the couple's wish list includes "sensible, mundane stuff, like a house and investing for the future".   

"It's amazing to know we have so many options now. We can't wait to support our family and spend time on the things that really matter," the woman said.

The $12.2 million win was the nineteenth Powerball First Division winner of 2023.