Kiwi teens start initiative helping recycle sports boots for kids who can't afford them

The high cost of equipment can be a real barrier to young people wanting to get involved in sport.

Now an Auckland teenager and his friends have a practical solution to help alleviate those financial hurdles with an initiative they hope inspires other young people to do.  

It takes a bit of effort but after a spruce-up, these used football boots come up like brand new.

It's all part of the service 'Boot It', an idea 14-year-old Corbin Martin and his mates came up with to up-cycle football boots for families who can't afford sports gear.

"In primary school, I'd seen some people not have equipment for trials and it just kind of made me realise that some people want to play, but they don't have the right gear for it," Corbin told Newshub. 

What started as credits for school two years ago is now something the boys voluntarily do even making up the shoe bags from recycled materials and the motivation to help is stronger than ever.

"It was really incredible just seeing the look on some of the kids' faces," he added. 

Oh Monday it was students at Te Papapa school in Onehunga being fitted out for new boots.

And their sports teacher Francis is a huge fan of the initiative. 

"Some had never been through that experience of trying on new boots. Some of us were lucky enough to grow up that every season changes and the opportunity is always there." 

Boot It has given away more than 130 pairs to kids including Tia Hampton's five-year-old son.

"He absolutely loves them. He wanted to wear them to kindy," she said. 

Sport New Zealand is applauding the boys' initiative to make sport accessible for rangatahi.

Once bound for the bin, boots are being given a second chance to help kids get on the footy field and in the game.