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Video: The arrival of Qantas' first Dreamliner.

Back to the future: Qantas airplane gets a special paint job

The airline rolled out the 'Retro-Roo' in Seattle

The new design will have additional legroom as well as other premium features.

Air NZ announces new 'stretch' economy seats

The new design will have additional legroom as well as other premium features.

Watch: Staff have been evacuated as police investigate what's going on.

Auckland Airport bomb scare: Police find nothing

They are now investigating who made the false threat.

The aircraft landed operating on one engine.

Jetstar flight involved in emergency at Auckland Airport

The aircraft landed operating on one engine.

Greg Foran will take over from Christopher Luxon.

Air NZ union members wary of new CEO

Greg Foran's former company Walmart has an anti-union reputation.

Tecnam P92 aircraft crashes into ski lift  at the Prato Valentino ski resort at Teglio, Italy.

Plane crashes into ski lift in Italian Alps

Incredibly, everybody escaped relatively unscathed.

The memorial continues to cause division.

Mt Erebus Crash memorial continues to cause division

"Losing green spaces is such a sadness."


Hypersonic plane could fly Auckland to London in 4 hours

And it's apparently going to be here by the 2030s.

PIC FROM CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED James Westwood) A schoolboy who earned his helicopter pilot's licence on his 16th birthday has proudly showed off his wings - but revealed that he's never set foot on an aeroplane. Talented James Westwood passed his chopper training just hours after he turned 16, the minimum age to take the test, and can now fly solo. But he's not always wanted to take to the skies - and revealed he's NEVER been in an aeroplane - or even left the country. James, from Woolhope, Herefordshire, doesn't even own a passport, despite being able to get behind the controls of a chopper and take to the skies. SEE CATERS COPY

Teen has never been on a plane, but can fly helicopter solo

He doesn't even have a passport.

tropical sunset / a tropical beach sunset / seen in hdr

Airfares slashed for Kiwi travellers

Business class and premium fares also massively discounted

Air NZ plane

Death on Air NZ flight into Auckland

A person died on a flight that touched down on Friday morning.

Two people were on board the plane.

Cargo plane crashes into car repair shop

The aircraft hit multiple vehicles.

One woman was injured seriously.

Passengers seriously injured by severe turbulence

Thirteen people were hospitalised.

The incident is reported to have involved Boeing's new 777X aircraft.

Door blows out during pressurisation test on new Boeing aircraft

The incident is reported to have involved Boeing's new 777X aircraft.

PIC FROM Mercury Press - (PICTURED: THE AIRBUS BEING CRANED IN ) - An Etihad Airbus jumbo jet which once flew more than 500 passengers has been saved from the scrapyard and transformed into an incredible glamping venue – still with the plane’s original kitchen and emergency exit.Toby Rhys Davies, 47, is the owner of the quirky Apple Campsite, in Redburth, South Wales, which first made headlines in 2016 when he welcomed his first aircraft to the site – a nine-passenger 1970s Jet Star.But the 47ft airbus, the first plane ever to be decommissioned by Etihad Airway, has become the latest addition to the quirky camp – where visitors can also stay in a UFO, Pac-Man dome and disco chapel.SEE MERCURY COPY

Luxurious airliner turned into boutique hotel

Mile-high glamping experience available on retired passenger jet


Auckland-bound flight leaves behind high-altitude rainbow cloud

Patient photographers had to wait for ideal lighting conditions.

American Airlines

Mechanic charged with sabotaging passenger plane

He reportedly did it to cause a delay so he could get paid overtime.

The flight had been delayed due to a major technical fault

EasyJet passenger flies planeload of holidaymakers to Spain

The flight had been delayed due to a major technical fault


Flashback: When Whenuapai was Auckland's international airport

Air NZ has raised the idea of reintroducing commercial services at Whenuapai


Auckland Rescue Helicopters chief executive resigns, job losses possible

It's just 10 months since the former boss left amid bullying allegations.