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Many of the families the Salvation Army is helping now have "mountains of debt".

Predatory lenders return to target New Zealand's vulnerable

The Salvation Army is fighting back to protect our communities.

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Reserve Bank Governor 'scared' by level of mortgage debt in NZ

He isn't ruling out recommending a Royal Commission to investigate banking behaviour.

Steven Joyce on The AM Show.

Joyce writes off controversial Forbes article

You'd think he would welcome predictions Labour will drive the economy into a recession.

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Young Kiwi multi-millionaire wins Oxford award

Entrepreneur Jamie Beaton is only 22, but worth more than $70 million.

It is alleged that the Duchy of Lancaster, which handles the Queen's investments, has held funds in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda.

Queen Elizabeth has millions stashed in offshore tax havens

It was revealed after a massive leak of financial documents.

The Dow Jones has surged since Donald Trump won the election (Reuters)

Dow hits historic 20,000 mark

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is trading above 20,000 for the first time ever.

An Auckland woman has won $1 million which she plans to use to buy her first home (file)

Auckland first home now a reality after Lotto win

An Auckland woman has won $1 million from Lotto's First Division which she plans to use to buy her first home.


Charges dropped in case of Mutual Finance's 'missing millions'

A third of the charges against the directors of failed finance company Mutual Finance have been dropped in the Auckland High Court.

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Developer pleads guilty in Auckland finance case

Prosecutors say two finance companies that collapsed leaving hundreds of investors owed millions were, from the start, a conspiracy to commit crimes.


KiwiSaver market set for a shake up

Retirement experts say the arrival of new lower-cost KiwiSaver fund Simplicity should add competition to the market.

Auckland house prices are at record highs (Getty)

Property market: Time to cash-up?

Property investors and people close to retirement are being told the time has come to cash-up, with predictions the market is about to turn.


Robots soon to offer financial advice in New Zealand

The Government is clearing the way for "robo-advisers" to offer financial advice in New Zealand.

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Westpac cuts interest only term to 5 yrs

Westpac is cutting interest-only lending terms to a maximum of five years, in a market where investors are the driving force.

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Paris aims to poach London finance jobs

The French government will outline incentives that will allow Paris to compete with London for finance jobs.


KiwiSaver retirement survey results

A new survey suggests most people in KiwiSaver don’t know if they are saving enough for a comfortable retirement.

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FMA concerned about life insurance commissions

The Financial Markets Authority is concerned advisers working for commissions are encouraging people to needlessly switch life insurance policies.

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Myths about KiwiSaver: Part 4

KiwiSaver expert Binu Paul dispels common myths around KiwiSaver, in an informative series.

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Revenue rises for NZX

NZX has posted a 9.6 percent gain in first-quarter revenue as more companies turned to the debt market to raise funds.


Harmoney hit by 'sophisticated' fraudsters

Harmoney says it has had 26 cases of fraud since the firm opened for business in 2013.

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Financial adviser charged for $1.4M misuse

A financial adviser who allegedly used his clients' money for his own purposes now faces a series of charges.