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WATCH: Research shows Kiwis aren't making healthy diet choices.

Five tips for recovering from the holiday season

Our bodies could all use a little TLC right now.

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The thing women need to know about taking activated charcoal

Be wary before you dabble in this trendy detox.

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Fast food workers left scrambling after Xmas payroll error

Employees at KFC and Pizza Hut didn't receive the correct pay for three weeks.

WATCH: '100 percent pure NZ': Auckland Queen St McDonald's dance video goes viral.

The McDonald's hacks you need to know about this summer

The internet can be a place of genius at times.

Elsa shows how to make her vegan fried eggs.

Internet baffled by vegan nutritionist's lunch photos

Can you spot what's out of place?

WATCH: Eat protein for a longer life, according to a recent study.

Chicken feathers could be your new protein supplement

Kiwi researchers have discovered they're cluckin' helpful for lean muscle mass.

Research shows while meat is an important source of nutrients, it can increase the likelihood of developing cancer.

Kiwi scientists hope to prove 'best meat' is good for you

A group of lucky men will get free Wagyu beef for two months in a "world-first" study.

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What shoppers should do with excess plastic packaging

A Wellington man and his daughter have started a nationwide conversation.

Diet and lifestyle factors can have a dramatic improving impact on people's quality of life.

Fibre's benefits greater than previously realised - study

But few people get anywhere near enough.

Delicious grass fed rib eye steak on a grill ready to be eaten.  Beef is a great ingredient to a ketogenic diet

Celebrity trainer slams Keto diet in rant

The Biggest Loser trainer also offered her top tips for actually keeping weight off.

WATCH: A simple trick for getting more sleep.

The sleep routine Jamie Oliver swears by

The celebrity chef says that it "saved him".

The results show Kiwis are going more plant-based in 2019.

The surprising foods you're likely to be eating in 2019

And if you're a self-confessed carnivore, the results might be surprising.

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Martha Stewart's bizarre scrambled egg hack shocks fans

"Next up, how to cook a brisket in your dishwasher."

WATCH: Does this terrible date beat Married At First Sight Australia's worst date of all time?

Woman outraged after date refuses to pay for $180 meal

"You were really expecting me to pay? I'm not your sugar daddy."

WATCH: Jess Daniell from Jess' Underground Kitchen shows the AM Show how to make your eggs something special.

Man's bizarre 'eggs benedict' sparks outrage

Is this the worst breakfast you've ever seen?

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Watch: Hilarious Irish grandmother tries fast food for the first time

The hamburger goes down a treat - the McNuggets, not so much.

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Half of the people who think they have food allergies are wrong

A new study out of the US shows that many have mistakenly diagnosed themselves with allergies.

Ice cream in waffle cones with two scoops in woman hand

Newshub's best and oddest ice cream flavours

Fancy a bit of basil and lime? How about charcoal?

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Mike Puru shares 'gross' McDonald's holiday horror story

"Something very terrible happened to me on New Year's Day."

The hotpot that sparked the outrage pieces of tofu, seaweed and corn can be seen in a murky brown broth. A piece of chicken dangles in the air held by chopsticks..

Vegan provokes social media outrage after mocking Chinese dish

"Veganism is not an excuse for racism."