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Chef Dani from Bellota at SkyCity

Young Auckland chef takes out international competition

Chef Shuyun (Dani) Chen was the youngest, only female competitor.

boy eating frog cake

Dad slams supermarket for 'pathetic' frog cake

He and his wife were "mortified" when they opened the box.

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UK man loses weight eating only McDonald's diet

Ryan Williams set out to disprove 2004 documentary Supersize Me.

Kiwi weightlifter Charlotte Moss says people need to take coeliac disease seriously.

'Poisonous' placement of gluten-free flours in supermarkets sparks outrage

"You'd never risk customers' health by stacking nuts next to 'nut free' products, so why is this okay?"

Watch: Newshub reporter's intrepid investigation into Lorde's secret onion rings Instagram account.

The search for Rosemary, the unsung hero who invented Kiwi Onion Dip

Hayden Donnell goes on a wildly emotional search for an unheralded NZ genius.

Watch: Strawberries were pulled from shelves after the needle contamination scare.

Woman finds rusty nail inside supermarket chicken

The Whangarei local got a nasty surprise with her dinner.

A sketch of the new Morningside Precinct

Morningside's multi-million dollar development set to open

The former drape factory is pulling back the curtains on a tavern, dessert bar and much more.

Better Burger

Kiwi burger chain owner slams competitors over plastic waste

"Most pay lip service and say they are doing their bit when really, they leave it up to the customer."

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How to make perfect poached eggs, according to an Antarctic chef

He used to cook for the stars, now he's keeping bellies full at Scott Base.

Lilith the Cenobite

190kg model reveals goal to become world's biggest woman

An eating disorder and a terminal diagnosis inspired her to become a "feedee".

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Internet disgusted by video of US man helping himself to soup buffet

He ladled the soup from the shared pots directly into his mouth.

Kids eating sugar on Halloween

What's really scaring parents on Halloween?

If we can let go of feeling we need to control our child's eating, we can actually enjoy the celebration with them.

We gave the Woop Balance box a try - here's me cooking the warm lamb and lentil salad.

Battle of the boxes: Newshub tries Woop Balance

In this week's cooking challenge, it's all very, VERY healthy.

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Why this Christchurch honey is selling for $1800 a jar

And there are only 300 jars in this special, top-secret batch.

The line-up.

New food delivery service launches in Auckland

FED is the newest addition to the already successful food delivery market.

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Josh Emett teams up with The Collective for charity

The Kiwi chef says his chosen charity is particularly close to his heart.

Vic's Cafe shot to fame on the AM Show earlier this year, when host Duncan Garner made it his mission to help them sell 100,000  cream horns.

'So damn PC': Kiwi café slams men's changing table suggestion

"We endeavour to create an atmosphere of times gone by, when mums changed their babies."

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Kiwi mum's leftover boil-up recipe lands her top prize

Her creative spin when she had nothing else to feed her family has paid off.

confused woman

New lollies trick Kiwis with different flavours

Sour Patch Tricksters tricked almost everyone that tried them - even our own reporters.

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Smoking banned in over 800 Auckland restaurants

The move is part of the commitment to make Auckland smokefree by 2025