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A Melbourne man found a safety pin and hair in his KFC order.

Man's disgusting discovery inside KFC order 3 hours ago

"Are two of your secret herbs and spices safety pins and hair?"

Family eating dinner

Study of Kiwi diet reveals good, bad and ugly

If you're stressing about eating organic, don't.

Wendy's employees in the United States have shared their disgust after finding a live mouse inside a sealed bag of burger buns.

Wendy's employees find live mouse inside sealed bag of burger buns

The workers claim this wasn't the first time they'd seen rodents in the kitchen.

Three of Australia's top-ranked pro eaters have smashed through 16kg of food in just 39 minutes.

Australia's top pro eaters smash 16kg of food in 39 minutes

Beef, mac'n'cheese, bacon, fried chicken, fries, and brisket were all on the menu.

A team of international scientists appear to have discovered why hot chips are so tasty.

Scientists reveal why we love hot chips

"You're basically hacking the brain," one professor explains.

Texas Chicken on Lincoln Road

How a Lincoln Road chicken joint almost killed us

But what a way to go.

Man and woman eating a burger drunk

The terrifying calorie load in your 'drunchies'

That 3am Big Mac and nuggies run might be doing more harm than good.


World trusts food from NZ - research

Most Western countries think our products are second only to food produced at home.

Orange martinis

Chocolate orange gin - it's like Christmas in June

It may be six months until Christmas, but this looks like something made for our Kiwi cold snap.

Scone butter coffee

Flat white, date scone the key to long life, says 99yo

She couples the daily cafe treat with a crossword to "keep her mind in shape".

Josh Emmet and Nadia Lim

My Food Bag gets Michelin star treatment

Two of New Zealand's favourite food stars are bringing Malaysia into Kiwi kitchens.


Ducking good fare: Why duck should be on your next dinner party menu

With shooting season underway, Kiwis may find themselves with a different kind of poultry on their plate this season.

Anthony Bourdain is being mourned worldwide.

Anthony Bourdain 'pretty happy' only days before his death

He filmed a segment of his show at L'Auberge D'ill on Wednesday. By Friday, he was dead.

Chef Anthony Bourdain poses at the 2015 Creative Arts Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, California September 12, 2015. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok - GF10000203717

New York deli sets out Anthony Bourdain's breakfast in honour of late chef

Bourdain was a customer at the deli for years

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KFC rampage lands 'gentle girl' in court

Video shows her screaming and throwing items around the store.

A soya mince pie? Close enough.

I like fake meat and I cannot lie

Join me, enlightened carnivores: meat-free eating for meat lovers is a thing now.

The restaurants will shock you.

Dirty dining: Auckland's worst restaurants revealed

The stomach-turning list includes pest infestations and unhygienic conditions.

The crayfish mid escape.

Crayfish rips off claw, escapes being cooked alive

A bystander has now adopted the crustacean as a pet.


Food historian Helen Leach honoured

She's been made an Officer of the NZ Order of Merit.

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How doughnuts ate Auckland on International Doughnut Day

On International Doughnut Day the city went gaga for glaze.