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Watch: Chris Lewis spoke to Rural Exchange about the use of the term 'milk' for plant-based products.

Aussie politicians want words 'milk' and 'meat' banned from plant-based products

But 'soy water' and 'vegetable fingers' don't quite have the same appeal.

Gypsy Caravan and Auckland woman Holly Roberson

Ponsonby bar closes following 'humiliating' confrontation with diabetic

The woman says she was "publicly shamed" after eating food she'd brought in.

Watch: What are the laws around cannabis use?

Kiwi gets 'super blazed', later discovers shocking lolly spend

Take this ride down memory lane.

The human-sized characters have gone on sale.

Big Fresh animatronic food characters go on sale

Huge anthropomorphic food items that entertained and terrified children in the 1990s have gone on sale.

Vegans, vegetarians higher risk of stroke - study

Nigella Lawson's fishmonger blames vegans after his Instagram is censored

He believes activists reported his posts.

Watch: A Reddit thread answered the internet's burning questions about their favourite fried chicken.

KFC launches fried chicken-themed wedding service

Do you know some finger-lickin' lovers who should apply?

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Cadbury and Pascall collaborate for new chocolate treat

The limited-edition block is available to Kiwis from September 16.

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One in five people think goat's milk is vegan

Surely the clue is in the name?

Watch: More than half of Kiwis keen on Te Reo in schools - Statistics New Zealand.

How to order your coffee in Te Reo Māori

Slip a little Te Reo into your morning latte order this Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori.

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'Game-changing' homemade Pods recipe goes viral

Chocolate lovers are in for a treat.

Watch: A Newshub reporter devour a giant doughnut.

Krispy Kreme to launch in Christchurch

Do-nut feel left out any longer Cantabrians

Watch: Gordon Ramsay takes a Lime scooter for a joy ride around Auckland's viaduct.

The A-list approved spots to eat, drink and play around Auckland

For when you want to live like a celeb in the 09.

Watch: Brexit supporters fight with police as MP quits Boris Johnson's cabinet.

British supermarkets say it's not their fault if Brexit leaves shelves empty

Bosses are saying they should not be blamed if people can't find everything they want.

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Vegans, vegetarians higher risk of stroke - study

But it isn't all good news for meat eaters either.

One is topped with french fries, fried eggs, and 16 cheeseburgers.

Outrageous Instagrammable pizzas go viral over unique toppings

One is topped with french fries, fried eggs, and 16 cheeseburgers.

Watch: The process of making meat patties for McDonald's.

McDonald's bag sells for $964 on Trade Me

Somebody will be lovin' it.

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Opinion: Why hungry kids make for hungry parents

Almost one in five Kiwi children live in households where there's not enough to eat.

Gary Harding speaks about the incident

'This is who we are': Man turned away from restaurant because of tā moko speaks out

A bouncer refused to let Gary Harding into the Melbourne restaurant.

The bizarre Subway order.

'Am I doing this wrong?' Woman's bizarre Subway order goes viral

"This is the worst sandwich I've ever seen."

Watch: More people are taking the plunge into a plant-based life.

Protest against Australian vegan who took neighbours to court over BBQ cancelled

Cilla Carden complained about the smell of cooking fish and meat.