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Netsafe CEO Martin Cocker says Kiwis were hit hard by cyber crime in 2018.

UK police deny IT system hacked

Odd messages were tweeted from the agency's account.

Help is on the way.

How to manage kids' screen time over school holidays

In the age of dressing digital dolls and playing with virtual monsters.

Elon Musk shows off his Neuralink technology.

Elon Musk wants to hook your brain up to a computer

He expects his Neuralink technology will be ready for human trials next year.

Watch: 'Privacy's not dead' yet, says the Privacy Commissioner.

FaceApp challenge sparks privacy concerns

But experts are saying there's little FaceApp does with your data that Facebook hasn't already.

A satellite orbits the earth.

How satellite images of New Zealand farms can help fight filth

A team of Kiwi scientists is enabling farmers to spot pollution on their land.

Watch: A Newshub reporter tries to let apps run her life.

Google employees are listening to your conversations

More than 1000 private conversations have been leaked to Belgian media.


New data reveals cause of many Wellington street accidents

One road safety advocate says its a nationwide issue.

Watch: Parents told to worry less about their children's screen time.

'Boring' phone aims to strip away distractions

A Kiwi startup is pledging to give people communication without the noise.

WATCH: How to spot over protective 'helicopter parents'.

Are your parents stalking you on a night out?

If you feel like you're being watched, it might be mum and dad.

The queen published her first instagram post in March.

Facebook, WhatsApp issues resolved

"We should be back at 100 percent for everyone."

The queen published her first instagram post in March.

Facebook and WhatsApp suffer major issues

Photos and posts are failing to load.

Watch: Vaccine expert Helen Petousis-Harris on The AM Show.

Social media sites must crack down on anti-vaxxers - scientists

"The anti-vax movement threatens to undermine the hard-fought public health victories."


Creative thinking needed to plan for the future of work

Money won't solve everything, writes Duncan Garner.

Fire departments have warned families against the dangers of charging devices on flammable materials.

Charging tablet burns hole through child's mattress

The smouldering tablet burnt through the bedding down to the springs.

Paul Spain on The AM Show.

Podcasts - where to start listening

Gorilla Tech CEO Paul Spain explains how.

The technology is already a decade old, but New Zealand will have to wait until 2023 for its implementation.

$2m investment in GPS technology

"It's a gamer changer for us to have this level of accuracy."

The drones will be used to scan the planes for damage.

Air NZ to use drones to inspect aircraft

The drones will be used to scan the planes for issues.


How NZ's genetic technology laws are stifling breakthrough science

The Government's being urged to revamp the law.


Xbox game Bleeding Edge has a Māori character

He says "choice pick" when chosen on the character select screen.


YouTube recommends videos of kids to paedophiles

NetSafe's CEO says the algorithm funnels those searching for sexual content towards family clips.