Technology News

A Christchurch-based cryptocurrency exchange hit by hackers could soon find itself targeted by its own customers.

Kiwi websites compromised in massive data breach 3 hours ago

More than 2000 sites have had their users' passwords revealed.

Calling in sick to work just got a whole lot easier, thanks to artificial intelligence.

Facebook denies the #10yearchallenge is a data-collection conspiracy

Facebook has denied it's behind the most popular meme of 2019 so far.

Trade Me head of jobs Jeremy Wade talks to RadioLIVE.

Revealed: The best-paid cities and jobs in New Zealand

Find out what you need to do and where you need to do it.


Dad creates an app that forces kids to respond to texts

The future is now.

Guy McPherson is a scientist who believes the world is coming to an end.

Magnetic North Pole moving more quickly than normal

It's sparked fears the Earth's magnetic field could be about to flip - with potentially devastating consequences.

Watch: A&E surgeons are seeing 'significant spikes' in scooter injuries.

Lime scooters are braking suddenly by themselves

Lime has hit the brakes on its operations in Switzerland, after its scooters began doing the same.


Goodbye, Photoshop: New 'beauty wand' helps lightly cover up skin blemishes

It can cover just the right spot, without leaving a ton of product.

Watch: Kiwis trying to access banned underage sex sites a thousand times every day.

Microsoft's search engine makes it easy to find child abuse images, report finds

It even suggests new terms users can use to find more illegal content.


Homebrew beer at the push of a tap

Is this the end of breweries?

Kohler says its toilet offers "personalised cleansing" for the discerning customer.

New smart toilet offers 'fully-immersive experience'

It comes with speakers, ambient lighting and Alexa.

A 13yo computing whizkid hopes to inspire others.

Computers can now turn your thoughts into words

Being unable to speak might soon be a thing of the past.

The main recommendation is it's the parents' responsibility to set the rules.

Parents told to worry less about their children's screen time

A UK study says there's little evidence screens are harmful for children.

Twelve Days of Braillemas.

Opinion: In the smartphone era, access to Braille keeps opening doors

Braille tech has never been cheaper but stigma still holds us back, writes Áine Kelly-Costello.


Lime scooters set to stay longer as Auckland Council extends trial

Auckland Council has extended their trial.

Watch: Consumer NZ reveals the best sunscreens of 2017.

Kiwi skin-checking app expands to Australia

Early detection is key to keeping cancer statistics down, its founder said.

New research shows our love affair with our phones is ruining our real-life relationships.

Fake fingerprints can probably unlock your phone - researchers

They say phone fingerprint detectors are easy to fool.

New Zealand's biggest Instagram influencers.

Instagram users freak out at horizontal scroll feature

Many users have decried it as a backward step.


Xbox next-generation console codename revealed

It's not just the PlayStation 5 reportedly launching in 2020.

Typing in a password could soon be a thing of the past.

In five years we'll need 400 different passwords - expert

But few of us will have 400 different pets and mother's maiden names.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern attended a top-level intelligence meeting in April with Five Eyes leaders in London.

Anti-encryption law won't work, developer tells Australia

It will be "trivial" to find a way around the government's crackdown, it's been claimed.