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For the first time, scientists are creating a 3D geotechnical model of Mt Ruapehu to understand its stability.

New 3D model of Mt Ruapehu to predict collapses

Scientists are hopeful it'll help them understand what's happening under the volcano's surface.


Technology may march on, but humans will keep working - futurist

"We'll never get away from the need to get in front of each other."

BERLIN, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 27:  In this photo illustration the logo of Instagram is displayed on a smartphone on September 27, 2016 in Berlin, Germany.  (Photo Illustration by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images)

Welcome to bot-land: A journey to the most annoying corners of Instagram

Bots are to Instagram what steroids are to sports.

The bike isn't for sale just yet.

The world's first self-driving motorcycle

He says they could one day become safer than those driven by people.


Last of Us II writer talks extreme violence and Ellie's soul

In this game, they don't want the violence to be fun - it's supposed to be repulsive.


Why Forza Horizon 4 may be the most authentic car game ever

The dynamic seasons and British setting help give it an edge, say developers.


PlayStation throws out the rulebook at E3 2018

One of the weirdest E3 events ever was also one of the most fun.


Xbox E3 2018: The seven most exciting games

From a new samurai game to the return of Master Chief, here's the best of Xbox's announcements.


Access to internet should be like access to water - tech guru

Kiwi entrepreneur Derek Handley says we need to close "the digital divide" to future-proof our economy.

Google's newest technology, Google Lens.

Google's new app that recognises objects - but not people

Google Lens has just received a big injection of Artificial Intelligence.


Over-55s losing millions to financial scammers

Nearly 90 percent of money stolen from Kiwis in online scams was taken from the demographic.


FBI wants everyone - including you - to reboot their routers

Have Russians hacked your router?


Canterbury man's solution to biosecurity threat

It could track the spread of diseases like Mycoplasma bovis.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo recorded, sent couple's private conversation

"Unplug your Alexa devices right now - you're being hacked," a voice on the other line said.

Watch: GPs in NZ have warned kiwis not to trust Google for medical advice.

Google is identifying anonymous rape victims - report

The search engine's auto-complete function has been causing problems in the UK.

Jacinda Ardern in holographic form.

Jacinda Ardern makes hologram debut

The PM has made an appearance at Techweek NZ without setting foot in the building.

Jacinda Ardern - in the flesh.

Jacinda Ardern beams into Auckland for Techweek launch

She'll be the first world leader to undertake an official engagement as a hologram.

A Facebook logo.

Intimate details of millions of Facebook users leaked

A new Facebook personality quiz app has been compromised.

Can kids be stopped from watching porn? The UK is trying its hardest.

Brits might have to buy a 'porn pass' to watch naughty movies online

There's doubt the system will do much to stop kids watching stuff they shouldn't be.


Supermarkets roll out pre-crime facial tracking

It's reportedly being used in a "handful" of stores in the North Island, but Foodstuffs won't reveal which.