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Samsung's new folding phone costs $2974 - and some are breaking within days

Samsung's new $2974 foldy phone breaking in days, owners irate

Watch: Adventure tourists take the art of selfies to the extreme.

Heartbreak as student falls to death during cliff selfie

Witnesses say Andrea re-positioned herself for a photo, then fell.

A computer keyboard.

Paedophile with more than one million child porn images walks free

It was not UK man Darren Brazier's first offence.

Watch: Stephen Waugh speaks to The AM Show.

'Difficult' to measure NZ's child pornography problem - Customs

Two men were arrested in relation to child abuse images on Tuesday.

A gavel.

Man remains in custody after distributing livestream of the terror attack.

His insulation company also uses Nazi symbolism.

Facebook instagram phone

Facebook family of apps go down

Facebook, Instagram and messaging app WhatsApp were all out of action.


How Amazon is recording what some customers are saying in their homes

Thousands are employed to listen to the recordings.

Watch: Not even Zuckerberg will be able to delete his messages until everyone else can too.

Amount spent on Zuckerberg's security increased

Nearly US$20 million was spent by Facebook in 2018 keeping him and his family safe.


Hotels leaking guests' data to advertisers

Two out of three hotel websites have faults, new research has found.

Watch: How a stranger can use Siri to text people from your Apple iPhone.

Toddler locks dad out of iPad for four decades

He repeatedly tried to unlock it but ended up disabling it.

Newshub tested the bug.

How a stranger can use Siri to text people from your iPhone

Here's how to turn the botched feature off.


EU sets artificial intelligence guidelines

Companies must use AI ethically, the EU has ruled.

The Privacy Commissioneraccused Facebook of failing to "mitigate the deep, deep pain and harm".

Facebook bosses are 'morally bankrupt pathological liars' - Privacy Commissioner

John Edwards' latest words are perhaps his toughest yet.


Meet the woman smashing gaming's glass ceiling

Her games treat depression, teach te reo and challenge gender stereotypes.

Watch: The app you need to limit your children's screen time.

Screen time no problem for teens - study

Total screen time per day has "little impact" on their wellbeing.


Dozens of women protest sexism at Microsoft

The company's chief executive has met with some of the employees.


Game of Thrones streams have more malware than any other

If you're planning on illegally watching the final season, be warned.

Simon Bridges supports revisiting greater mass surveillance.

Mass surveillance is 'unnecessary, expensive and intrusive'

Let's not rush into changing laws without considering the consequences, writes Thomas Beagle.

Sean Gourley speaks with Finn Hogan for Newshub Nation.

Is society suffering from 'information diabetes'?

Kiwi tech guru Sean Gourley says more knowledge isn't always better.

'Contraceptive earrings' may soon be used to prevent pregnancy by administering contraceptive hormones through tiny transdermal patches.

'Contraceptive earrings' may soon be used to prevent pregnancy

If remembering to take the pill is difficult, perhaps chucking on some jewellery won't be.