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Watch: Eight charges were laid against Spark in July.

Spark pleads guilty to Commerce Commission charges

The telecommunications company said errors were "genuine mistakes".

Spark wasn't hacked, but its users may have been.

Spark's 'brave' move receives praise

Internet security experts say the telco risked confusing customers, but did the right thing.


Spark resets thousands of customer passwords

Customers have been warned their account details were up for sale on the dark web.

Eleven charges were laid against Spark by the country's competition watchdog in July for allegedly misleading and overcharging customers.

The future of telco? Spark trials online-only assistance

It's part of a "broader move" to encourage digital tools and services.

anglo saxons

Aussie job ad asks for 'Anglo Saxon' candidates

The company has apologised for the "completely unacceptable" blunder.

Wien,Austria-February 25,2014: Closeup of female hand holding an iPhone 5s while launching WhatsApp,a popular messaging application .

Landline use plummets as mobile communication takes over

To nobody's surprise, the way we're communicating is changing.


Spark issues alert over major global Wi-Fi vulnerability

They're warning of the threat imposed by a security fault in Wi-Fi networks worldwide.

The iPhone X will have face ID and an edge-to-edge screen.

iPhone X with face ID, edge-to-edge screen unveiled

A radically redesigned iPhone rammed with new features celebrates 10 years of the device.


2018's new emoji candidates released

Happy poop could soon have a sad alter-ego.

Phone scammers frequently change their tactics and are difficult to crack down on.

Fresh warnings after phone scam targets Spark customers

Some have become abusive when the scam is unsuccessful.


Campaign launched to ban cigarette emoji

Emojis. Harmless little pictures, or a gateway to a life of smoking and ill-health?


Former All Black left hanging by Spark

Adam Thomson vents his frustration about being on the phone for hours.


SKY and Vodafone 'disappointed' merger is off

Shares in SKY have plummeted since Thursday's rejection of the deal.


SKY, Vodafone merger a no-go

SKY TV and Vodafone NZ have been refused permission to merge their New Zealand operations.

sky tv vodafone commerce commission

D-day looms for Sky TV

Losing subscribers - and ravaged by Netflix - Sky desperately needs approval tomorrow to merge with Vodafone, writes Simon Shepherd.


How Yahoo came up with new name Altaba

Donald Trump (Getty)

Donald Trump's first 100 days as President: Sue his accusers, scupper media deals

In his first 100 days as President, Donald Trump says he will stop media companies merging and sue the women who've accused him of sexual assault.

AT&T store in New York (Getty)

AT&T to buy Time Warner - report

AT&T has reached an agreement to buy Time Warner in a deal valued at more than NZ$111 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal.


NZ's telecommunications sector 'performing well' within OECD

New Zealand is "performing well above its international competitors" within the OECD, the New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TCF) has boasted in a report released today.