Campbell Live: Kiwis dig deep for Evan Hill's buck teeth

  • 15/12/2011

New Zealanders have dug deep and given support and donations to 12-year-old Evan Hill, who suffers from severe buck teeth which hinder his ability to talk.

Campbell Live last night showed the story of Evan who needs up to $12,000 worth of dental treatment to fix his teeth.

His family can't afford the expensive work and Evan doesn’t qualify for free dental care, available for under-18s, due to the nature of his condition.

The response to the story has been huge with 3 News inundated by offers of support and assistance.

Campbell Live set up a bank account so people could contribute towards the cost of fixing Evan’s teeth.

New Zealand has responded generously and Campbell Live will tonight reveal the total money raised for the Hill family.

Online, people have sent hundreds of messages of support.

"Wish you and your Family hope, especially in these hard times, I believe you will get treatment soon best of luck for your future," wrote Angela Van Limburg on Facebook.

Others asked dentists to be generous over the Christmas period.

"Hope a dentist with a heart gives this boy a reason to be happy this Christmas... you'll be a hero in his eyes forever!" wrote Sauaga Falesefulu.

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