1500 letters found stashed in Waterview house

  • 22/07/2015
1500 letters found stashed in Waterview house

About 1500 pieces of mail pinched from letterboxes will get a second crack at delivery after being found at an Auckland house.

Police found the mail at an address in the suburb of Waterview earlier this week.

It took four hours to sort through the unopened letters, which had recently been delivered to addresses in Waterview and Mt Albert, police posted on the local neighbourhood policing team Facebook page.

NZ Post would be re-delivering the mail over the next week or two, with a covering letter explaining its delay.

The theft was nothing to do with NZ Post or its staff, police said.

Police have spoken to a man about the mail and warned him against further theft but he won't be charged.

"His understanding of what he has done is not at an adult level," a spokeswoman told NZ Newswire.