Bus stop mix-up leads to lucky save

  • 16/07/2015
Bus stop mix-up leads to lucky save

A bus stop mix-up in Gisborne has inadvertently led an eight-year-old to save his grandmother's life.

The boy had gotten off at the wrong stop on his way home from a school holiday programme and called for help.

He was collected by Constable Ants Mackintosh who drove the boy home, where he found the house filled with smoke and a large pot on fire on the stove.

After taking the pot outside and searching the house, Const Mackintosh found the boy's grandmother asleep on a couch.

"It was just pure luck that I arrived when I did. Thankfully no-one was harmed and the only damage was a bit of smoke throughout the house," said Const Mackintosh.

Tairawhtii Area Commander Inspector Sam Aberahama credited the police officer for saving the woman's life.

"This was fantastic work by Ants and is a great example of how diverse our job is. Our aim is to keep the community safe and Ants has gone the extra mile to do this. We are very proud of him."

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