Cash-strapped Matt Bowden sells Auckland properties

  • 29/07/2015
Matt Bowden
Matt Bowden

New Zealand's godfather of party pills Matt Bowden has put a number of exclusive Auckland properties up for sale in an attempt to raise some desperately needed cash.

Yesterday a clifftop property in the suburb or Torbay sold in a mortgagee sale for $1.985 million, $600,000 less than its CV, reports the New Zealand Herald.

Another house in Browns Bay sold for $895,000, while a property on the outskirts of the city with a CV of $1.46 million will be sold later this week, according to the paper.

In May, Mr Bowden put his company Stargate Operations into liquidation after new Government regulations on legal highs and party pills severely impacted its profits. At the time he said he was struggling to pay his bills and staff, and had also sold his Audi to recover some funds.

It is reported that company owes $1.42 million to unsecured creditors.

Mr Bowden told the Herald he was "shocked" the Torbay property did not sell for at least its CV price.

Earlier this year he said he had poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into a lab in Auckland where he was working on developing synthetic highs that complied with Government regulations.

The 43-year-old is known for his flamboyance and musical alter-ego, Starboy.

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