Cemetery cat Wednesday Adams up for adoption

Cemetery cat Wednesday Adams up for adoption

Wednesday Adams the cemetery cat has been put up for adoption, after a week-long search for her owners came up empty.

The black and white feline became an internet sensation after American musician Ryan Adams, in Auckland for a show last week, saw her at the Symonds St Cemetery and appealed to social media users to save her.

Twitter user Rob Isaac and the Lonely Miaow (LM) set out to do so, and after several attempts and lots of food, the cat – dubbed Wednesday Adams – was safely captured.

Since then, LM rescue manager Sabine Kruekel has been looking after her, and describes her as "not terribly playful" and likely to enjoy lying on a couch in the evenings.

"[Wednesday has got] a very nice character for a cat… she talks a lot," she says. "Every morning when you open the door, she won't shut up, a lot of meowing, lots of purring – she likes to stay in touch with her people during the day."

After being introduced to another kitten in Ms Kruekel's care, it became apparent Wednesday does not tolerate other cats.

"[Wednesday] immediately started to hiss and growl from across the room… she might have had some bad experiences with other cats in the past."

LM hopes to meet with potential adopters over the weekend and to make a final decision on Wednesday's "forever home" next week.

"We'd like to find someone who doesn't have other cats, and probably not a dog either, because I'm not sure how happy she would be with that," says Ms Kruekel.

"Someone with a garden that's away from a busy road would be fabulous because I think she would like to go outside again at some stage… I don't think she would be too problematic with children, as long as they're a little bit older."

More information on Wednesday's adoption is available here

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