Cigarette butt found in packaged salad mix

The cigarette butt was found in a Pam's salad (3 News)
The cigarette butt was found in a Pam's salad (3 News)

Foodstuffs is investigating after a Napier man says he found a cigarette butt inside a packaged salad mix.

Graeme Harris bought a Pam's greek salad from the Pak'nSave supermarket in Tamatea on Saturday night.

"We had some friends over on the Sunday and ate about half of it and then Monday night thought we'd finish it off with some noodles and my wife discovered a cigarette butt in it," he says.

Mr Harris told 3 News he felt "disgusted and a little bit sick".

No one in the Harris household smokes and Mr Harris is questioning whether the supplier's procedures are up to scratch.

"Considering the implications of finding something like that, in an end product that's supposed to be checked and that they stated was washed three times and checked at every stage, there's got to be something wrong there."

Mr Harris says he contacted Pam's and was initially offered a $15 voucher.

"When I said that's still not good enough, they upped it to $50."

Mr Harris says he won't buy a Pam's salad again.

Foodstuffs has apologised to Harris and told 3 News it takes "any incidence of foreign matter in our products extremely seriously”.

"A full investigation with the supplier has commenced and they are currently working through this process."

Foodstuffs says it is not aware of any other similar issues with this product or batch".

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