Company fined $70k for nail gun injury

  • 15/07/2015
Company fined $70k for nail gun injury

A Christchurch building company, whose employee was shot in the chest with a nail gun, has been forced to pay nearly $70,000 for the mishap.

The employee was seriously injured when a nail punctured his pericardium and lung while he was working on a building frame for VIP Frames & Trusses.

He was shot by an in-training contractor who failed to line his nail gun correctly and misfired into the man's chest.

Worksafe said the incident caused the injured worker emotional and physical harm and he was told that he was locked out from the workplace.

He was also bullied by his former colleagues.

While the company did have adequate health and safety procedures in place, it did not ensure the standard operator procedures were up to scratch.

In Christchurch District Court today, VIP Frames & Trusses was fined $66,799.50, with $9000 in reparations to the victim of the accident.