Corrections considering 'legal options' with Serco

Corrections considering 'legal options' with Serco

The Department of Corrections says it is looking at legal options after yet another serious allegation about the privately run Mt Eden Corrections Facility.

Corrections chief executive Ray Smith says that this week a prisoner transported from Mt Eden arrived injured at another prison.

Mr Smith says he is now considering taking firmer steps to ensure the safety of prisoners and staff.

He says he is taking legal advice and considering every option in the contract with Serco.

Amateur videos have recently given an insight into what has been going on in what is supposed to be our top prison.

The latest allegation follows Corrections releasing new details of another prisoner falling off a balcony and the Corrections minister admitting he had known about it for six months.

This comes after earlier claims that another prisoner, Nick Evans, punctured his lung after being “dropped” and later died in May.

Serco's director of operations Bill McNairn, who is in charge of the $30 million contract it has with the taxpayer to run Mt Eden prison, met with the Mr Smith today but refused to answer any questions.

Mr Smith revealed Serco was fined $300,000 dollars for performance issues in the last financial year.

But it escaped a fine for one incident involving almost a dozen Mt Eden prisoners, despite some describing it as a riot.

Corrections says it is concerned about the safety of prisoners and staff, and will be meeting with the Minister to discuss its options tomorrow.

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