DNA samples taken from 1080 'persons of interest'

  • 22/07/2015
DNA samples taken from 1080 'persons of interest'

The investigation into a threat to contaminate baby formula with the poison 1080 is continuing, with environmental activists being asked to give police DNA samples.

Earlier this year police revealed anonymous letters were received by Fonterra and Federated Farmers last November threatening to contaminate infant and other formula with 1080 unless New Zealand stopped using the pesticide by the end of March.

No one has yet been found responsible for sending the threats but police have continued their investigation, with anti-1080 activists recently asked to give police DNA samples.

Danny Lane told Fairfax police showed up at his house in Hari Hari around three weeks ago saying they had found DNA and fingerprint traces in the threatening packages and asked him for a DNA sample.

"So they interviewed me, they wanted my DNA, they also wanted my fingerprints, and they also wanted to get at my computer, they said. I said, 'You can have my bloody fingerprints, I've already given you four or five – you want more?" Mr Lane told Fairfax.

He said he was told by police there was a list of around 100 people police were looking at.

Other anti-1080 activists also told Fairfax they had provided DNA samples and access to their computers, with Ban 1080 party leader Bill Wallace saying he had been visited four times as a "person of interest".

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