House on fire in Wellington

The house on Adelaide Rd (Laura Macdonald / 3 News)
The house on Adelaide Rd (Laura Macdonald / 3 News)

A fire has ripped through a house in Wellington this morning, with the blaze spreading to a second home.

Fire crews and police are currently at the scene on Adelaide Rd after being called to the fire around 9am.

There was no one living in the house at the time because it was being refurbished, however neighbours say builders were inside the property when the fire started.

It was damaged extensively, while the neighbour's house has received water damage.

Police have blocked off part of the road and fire engines remain at the scene.

Fire communications shift manager Jan Wills didn't know in which part of the house the fire began, but said it had spread to a nearby property.

Neighbours were evacuated and a large number of fire engines were called because of the risk of the fire spreading.

Fire crews initially thought there might have been people inside.

Large plumes of smoke could be seen from many areas of the city.

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