Lingerie stolen from Christchurch washing lines


Lingerie has been disappearing from washing lines in a quiet Christchurch street.

An undisclosed quantity of women's underwear and lingerie was seized during a police raid on a property in the city today.

Detective Sergeant Ross Tarawhiti says underwear was lifted from three residential properties in Achilles St in June.

"Some of the stolen items appear to have been taken from the victims washing lines while, worryingly, other items are reported to have gone missing from inside their property.

"Thefts such as these have a big impact on victims due to the personal nature of the items being taken."

Det Sgt Tarawhiti says only some of the items seized during the raid match the description of the items stolen last month.

"We are appealing to the females living in the Achilles St area to contact police if they have not reported similar thefts of their property already," he says.

"Victims are able to request to speak to a female officer, if they prefer, when they contact police."

Information can be left with local police by calling (03) 363 7400 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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