Police apologise after raid on diplomat's apartment

  • 15/07/2015
Police apologise after raid on diplomat's apartment

By 3 News online staff

Police have apologised to a top New Zealand diplomat after they raided his Wellington apartment in search of drugs.

Officers raided the Wharf Office apartment of United Nations representative Gerard van Boehemen – where his adult sons live – early on Friday, based on information methamphetamine was being made there.

Surrounding streets were cordoned off as the search of the third-floor apartment was conducted, The New Zealand Herald reports.

But no evidence of it was found and no one was arrested. Police have subsequently acknowledged the information was false.

Police wouldn't comment on who owned the apartment, but public documents have Mr van Bohemen as living at the address.

Mr van Bohemen is currently living in New York as he chairs the UN Security Council for New Zealand's month-long presidency.

"At the time this information was believed to be reliable and was taken seriously given the risk posed by clan labs to the public," Wellington police crime manager Detective Inspector Mike Arnerich said.

"Police took action by visiting the relevant location."

There had been no indication at the time the wrong information was deliberately or maliciously given, but police were reviewing the matter.

Mr van Bohemen says he is satisfied with the apology and "am happy to put it behind us".

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