Ryan Adams comes to the rescue of abandoned cat

  • 14/07/2015

American musician Ryan Adams spent the night before his show in Auckland helping an abandoned kitten in the Symonds St cemetery.

Adams tweeted a picture of the frightened kitten to his fans around 11pm last night.

He said the kitten was crying for help and had clearly been abandoned at the Symonds St and Grafton Bridge Cemetery in Auckland's CBD.

Local fans responded to Adam's tweets, with one man who lived nearby going above and beyond the call of duty.

Rob Isaac, who lives close to the cemetery, replied to Adams' tweets and took some food and a box with blankets in an attempt to find that cat.

Adam's was grateful to Isaac and tweeted he was "a saint" for helping the abandoned animal.

Isaac documented his unsuccessful rescue through a series of tweets, which became the top trending toping on Twitter in New Zealand.

The cat was not rescued, but Isaac made sure there was some food available for the kitten.

Adams will play Auckland's Town Hall tonight and Wellington's Opera House on Thursday.

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